Privacy Policy

 The goal of this site is to provide the acquisition person, engineers, product developers or any other consumer a quick and reliable search source for their required electronic component/s in supplier's inventory.

Use of this site will give you access to a variety of suppliers and their component inventory along with information on where the desired component could be found as well as other details relating your search.

We are dedicated to deliver you the most fiducially data in the most efficient way. However, the creators of this site are not to be held in any way liable for any damage that could be caused from using this site nor for the information and search results provided by this site.

Any data provided by user such as telephone #, E-mail address etc… will be held completely confidential and will not be given to third party without user's prior knowledge and consent.

The party, who will receive the user's details, will be the supplier to whom the request for quotation is intended for in order to be able to get back to the costumer with requested information.

By registering to Part4U website you agree to receive an informative messages from Part4U as will be required from time to time.


The Part4U Team