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Hello, and thanks for using our site.  

This site was created to bring the inquirer the best and fastest search engine for electronic component found in Israeli supplier's facilities and representative's stock
As well as submit quotations for different fields relating to electronic purchasing.

While starting the search on the website, after entering the component part number in the search box, the search engine will try to locate your request with domestic (Israeli) suppliers whose name appears in the search results page.

If, the desired component is found in suppliers stock; the following information will be given by the supplier: component p/n, name of manufacturer, quantity in stock, lead time and other information.
The user will be able to select his or her preferred supplier.

Incase the component is not found at Israeli suppliers or representatives, there is an alternative to search for the part with other sources.

Nevertheless, RFQ`s for other electronic related fields could be submitted such as for PCB'S, assemblies and electrical equipping

The interaction between the inquirer and supplier is direct.
More over, there is the possibility to speak directly with the supplier via Skype.
The link to download the Skype program is at the information page in the home page of this site.

Customers using the site will be able to send a list of their component inventory and we'll input that information into our database.
The advertisement of the components will be upon costumer request only.
Send your list of component inventory to the following address: info@part4u.co.il

In addition, the web site provides a quick guide where users could search for suppliers according to vast profession fields under several categories: business field, supplier location, supplier location and etc…

Supplier information:

To receive details regarding the advertisement of your inventory on the site please Contact Us or email us at info@part4u.co.il
Like wise, your add space will be provided.
Suppliers from different electronic fields could register to the user guide
At the following links:
English Website: www.part4u.co.il
Hebrew Website: www.part-4u.com
Email: info@part4u.co.il
Phone: +972-54-5548762

Registration to the site is short and simple and is aimed to enable
the costumer to receive quotations directly to his or her e-mail box and to get more opportunities in the future.

We will be happy to get any comments and suggestions regarding our site!!!


The Part4U Team